Four Ways You Can Prevent Foundation Problems and Water Damage In Your Basement

If you have a home on a basement, foundation problems can lead to more than just structural damage. They can also cause leaks and water damage in your basement, which why it is important to protect your home from foundation problems. Here are some of the ways you can improve your foundation and protect your home from some of the common problems that affect homes on basements: 1. Installing an Interior Foundation Drainage System [Read More]

Important Tips For Preparing For Spring Flooding

Have you recently moved to a home in an area that is prone to spring flooding? Are you already preparing for the almost inevitable flood cleanup that will be needed? Here are some tips on how to minimize your potential damage: Stock up on sandbags: The best time to buy empty sandbags is before you actually need them. When your whole area is flooding, people will be flocking to the store to get sandbags and you may be unable to obtain any. [Read More]

Top Signs You Have A Broken Pipe Under Your Foundation

Has your water bill been rising mysteriously? Have you tried conserving water, only to find that your usage seems to be staying the same? Before you give up in despair, your problem may stem from a broken pipe under your foundation. Unlike a broken pipe in your walls, a leak under your foundation isn't always immediately obvious. Here are some other signs that you should look for: Puzzling warm spots: If you come home from work and notice a warm spot on the floor, it could have a variety of causes. [Read More]