Basement Waterproof Recommendations To Keep Your Home Interior Protected

As a homeowner, you want to keep your home interior dry and protected from outside moisture and weather conditions. Nothing damages a home faster than water leaks, and whether they originate from the roof or the foundation, you want to prevent them as much as possible. Here are some recommendations to keep your home protected from moisture intrusion through the foundation.

Manage the Gutter System

The gutter installed around your home is a big part of facilitating your home's waterproof barrier. Your home needs to have sufficient gutters installed on each roof edge that sit parallel to the ground below so they can collect rainfall before it pounds onto the foundation soil. It does not take long for a rainstorm to saturate the foundation soil around your home, which can easily lead to moisture intrusion through the wall.

Check your gutters for proper function and make sure they don't sag or leak, and keep them clear of debris. If the gutters become clogged with leaves and twigs, the blockage will cause rainfall to pour over the side of the gutters, essentially rendering them useless.

Also, check the downspouts for full drainage and remove any blockages. Be sure your gutters and downspouts are large enough to handle the rainfall capacity of your entire roof. A larger roof will require more gutters and larger downspouts to accommodate the rainfall collection.

Check Into Professional Services

Once you have maintained the gutter system to make sure precipitation is directed off and away from your home properly, you should also look at the foundation of your home to determine any further problems that can create moisture intrusion. Look at the slope of the soil around the foundation of your home and any pavement that directly abuts your foundation. Is the porch, patio, or walkway sloping slightly away from the foundation? If you see any areas where water flows toward your home and not away from it, you should contact a waterproofing specialist to help you repair this area of your home.

Your waterproofing professional can also recommend a method to seal your home foundation from the inside or the outside, depending on your home and its position around nearby groundwater and soil types. You may discover that there is a high water table in the soil on one side of your property, and you will need to install a French drain and sump pump in the basement of your home. However, your waterproof professional may recommend its installation on the outside of your foundation to keep moisture from entering the basement.

For more information about waterproofing your foundation, contact a local professional, like Central Penn Waterproofing.