3 Categories of Water that Can Damage Your Home

At some point you may have to face the problem of having water damage in your home. Water can be quite dangerous once it gets into a house in large amount, and will require professional help to get rid of it all. The first step is understanding what kind of water damage you have. There are 3 water classifications that you can have during a flood.

Clean Water—Category 1

When you have a bathtub that overflowed, an appliance that is leaking water, or a pipe that busted open, you will be dealing with category 1 damage. It means that the water in your home will not threaten the health of anybody in it.

Clean water will not have any contaminants in them that are harmful if somehow ingested. While clean water is ideal to have in a water damage situation, it can become category 2 water if not immediately cleaned up.

Gray Water—Category 2

If the water contains any sort of contaminants, even trace levels, it is considered category 2 water damage. Commonly referred to as gray water, category 2 water can cause discomfort or illness if it is ingested by somebody. Gray water can get into your home if the washing machine or dishwasher leaks, since both of these appliances use water that has a chemical in it for the appliance to properly function.

You'll need professional help when the water damage is defined as category 2. It is the best way to make sure that the contaminant in the water have been removed from all of the surfaces inside your house.

Black Water—Category 3

Category 3 water, or black water, is a dangerous kind of contaminated water. It requires your immediate attention to get it cleaned up. This water can get into your home when a sewer line breaks, or when you have standing water that begins growing bacteria in it. Since black water can be potentially deadly if ingested, always have a water damage restoration company take care of it for you.

Black water also requires that items contaminated by it are removed from your house for professional cleaning or replacement. For instance, any drywall that got wet will need to be removed and replaced. The same goes for carpeting, furniture, and any other materials that are porous.

By knowing there are different categories of water, you will understand how serious the damage is and get a professional out to help you immediately. For more information or assistance, contact resources like Servpro Of South Elkhart Co.